Fashion Fur Analysis

2018-2019 autumn and winter women’s pattern process forecast – real fur parkas pattern

Fur Parkas is a key trend item in the coming winter season. In addition to the design of interior fur, labeling and pattern design also allow us to return to the decorative design of the style itself.

Patch embroidered patches have always been an important accessory for decorative design. With the booming full-name movement, sports elements will be more active in the fashion industry. Apart from the military badges, the competitive sports chapter paste is also a big one. Hot elements.

Graffiti with splashes of ink and splashes of color highlights the coolness of neutrality, blending elements of geometry, letters, and strokes in a graffiti style, for avant-garde fashion.

The delicateness of Tarot embroidery is still somewhat mysterious. The trend of this mysterious power will continue throughout the 2019 autumn and winter.

It’s a common practice to do heavy-duty embroidery and a wide range of patches on the back of fur parkas, but this time the beasts look so buzzing that this kind of embroidery with a very interesting sense of humor will be the new direction of animal popularity. breakthrough.

As a major theme of the pattern, flowers are also used in fur Parkas. The form is also varied, with a simple single flower on the back, or as if Mr & Mrs Italy had this season, spreading single flowers to the whole body. Or do symmetrical flowers on the front shoulders.

Laminated face portraits, cartoon-style landscapes, and avatars, these are rich in comedy and humorous fun patterns to enrich the details of fur parkas.

In the full version of the printing pattern selection, the fragmentation is not as detailed as a single printing pattern, but it pays more attention to the overall visual effect. It is a viable entry point from the simple letter geometry, abstract artistic effects, and flower landscapes to do square continuous.


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