Fashion Fur Analysis

2018 early autumn women’s fur T-stage comprehensive analysis – style

Double-faced Fur

Look tired of the dull monochrome fur coat, play on the basic models to play a pattern to give a bright landscape in the cold winter. There are also coats with fur valgus that are soft, breathable and warm. In addition, Swakara’s fabrics are also popular among designers.

Fur combination

The independent and confident simplicity of the silhouette, full of strong gas, the perfect step to show the elegant feminine charm.

Real fur parkas

This season’s parkas silhouette uses a large fur collar and is made of tooling material, giving a sense of workmanship.

Fur coat

The design of the different color stitching is one of the most high-frequency design methods of fur, which makes the shape of the fur easy and young and energetic. The back of the fur stitching cotton down is fashionable and atmospheric.

A word on the shoulder collar clavicle coat highlights the feminine charm, black and white striped personality and fashion.

Single leather trench coat

Cut strips and design windbreaker, stylish atmosphere, highlighting female domineering, wrapped bag chest pocket mouse full of French romance.

Box jacket

Box jackets offer a strong custom and cut square, with partial weave or bold color collisions to add highlights, or with a skirt to highlight feminine charm.

Hood jacket

Contrast details and hook-and-eye buttons add a new touch of modernity. The hood adds a structural aesthetic and avant-garde texture.

Workplace suit

This year’s suits have basically the same style and color matching, giving the impression that they are neat, harmonious and unified. This type of wearing can be used in professional places.

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