Fashion Fur Analysis

The Forecast Of 19/20 Autumn And Winter Women’s Fur Silhouette Trend – Double-Faced Fur


In recent years, the hot items in winter have been double-faced fur, and in addition to the oversized silhouette of recent years, the long-shouldered shoulder jackets are generally more popular. The designers focused their design highlights on the collar, which not only attracted attention but also played a warming role.


Oversize is the most popular style in recent years, and the wide silhouette wear can show a trend of causal and stylish!

Shawl Collar

The shawl collar pulls a thick sense on the shoulder while also playing a role in warmth.

Casual Lapel

The casual lapels are triangular in character and casual, Which is full of European style.

Drop Shoulder Jacket

The loose, lazy profile brings new meaning to the 18/19 fall/winter ladies jacket. The single piece features a drop-slung design detail to create a lazy style.

Compact Version

Light and short, easy to carry the fur is suitable for travel, easy to carry, and the silhouette is also a classic silhouette that is not easy to eliminate.

Truncated Jacket

Whether it’s tall or small, the truncated models show the perfect curve of women’s beauty.

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