Fashion Fur Analysis

The Trend Of 19/20 Autumn And Winter Women’s Fur Detail Design–Multiple Wear Collar


Collar is the most important part of the clothing, but now the change in the collar of the fur is also very rich, not only the collision of different materials and the collar that has never been cut before, this season is presented to everyone, also Can be used as an inspiration for the development of autumn and winter styles.

Playful Remove Collar

The color is rich, the color of the collision and the collision of the material are different. The young, cute and playful, this type of collar is suitable for the female. Highlight the lively and lovely side of your heart.

Left And Right Collar

The left and right collars, this collar type is an asymmetrical feeling by cutting, fashion, personality, trendy, can be applied to some street fashion styles.

Double Collar

The double-layered collar has a layered feel, and the upper and lower collars are alternately presented in front of everyone. This type of collar is rarely seen in daily life, and it is also a design method worthy of attention this year.

Fur Draped Large Lapels

This kind of large lapel plays a decorative role. The single-piece with such a large lapel instantly enhances the weight, adds a little heavy weight and warmth, and has high practicality.

Half Open Collar

The erected neckline acts as a windshield and keeps warm. It can also be folded over, stretching the neck line, and some accessories such as zippers can be used as an auxiliary to facilitate wear and tear.

Jacket Hooded Collar

The Jacket-style hooded collar provides a protective effect and enhances warmth and personality, giving a full sense of the future.

Weird Cut Collar

The use of deconstruction techniques to exaggerate the deformation of the collar shape, can be satisfied with the pursuit of individual fashion customers.

Ribbed Knit Collar

A rib knit collar is a knit fabric in which a yarn is longitudinally formed on the front and back sides by a yarn. The rib knit fabric has the dispersibility, curling and extensibility of the plain weave, and also has a large elasticity. Therefore, the use of this ribbed knit collar adds comfort to the garment.

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