Fashion Fur Analysis

18/19 autumn and winter women’s fur T-stage comprehensive analysis – pattern


Folk Pattern

Full of exotic patterns, this strong ethnic pattern is widely used in various designs by designers. The inspiration comes from the retro and elegant Perisian pattern, the unique typesetting, exotic national style, were Loved by everyone.


Folk Pattern

Personalized fashion trends, creating a variety of distinctive styles of clothing, fur styles have a unique personality of the style, but also highlight the soft feelings of the lady, or emphasize the folk customs, this exquisite and delicate attitude presented in the details of the clothing perfectly. And is widely approved and get the designer attention.


Pop Impression

Rich color experience, revealing a powerful mysterious power, with a little punk rock street combination, and using Pop Art to create a classic style.


Pop Impression

The abstraction of the pop style is created by the repetition of the combination of color blocks. This unique art form is presented in the fur item by the intarsia technique.


Black and White

The black and white plaid pattern is marked, and the regular arrangement have a special effect.
Geometric plaid


Geometric Plaid

The regular geometric plaid combined with the fur material creates a comfortable body feeling and adds a sense of sight.

Colorful Stripe

Striped elements play with color and inlay stitching, giving the fur a youthful, playful and sporty look. Asymmetrically staggered stripes make the shape more modern and dynamic. Whether it’s a palette of black, white, red, and soft,or bright color, the item can remain mature and elegant.


Complex Stripe

The striking large geometric strip make the fur pieces more interesting and young, the two-tone treatment injects a modern touch into the contrasting pieces, and the multi-color design makes the stripe pattern more vibrant and modern.


Freehand Flower

A large number of floral patterns add romantic feeling to this season. This kind of freehand flower seems to use a kind of light color to highlight the image, or to add color to the main object. In fact, it is intarsia craft or printing give us a different feelings by intarsia craft or printing.


Flower and Foliage

This intarsia flower decorated on fur clothe, and the combination of different forms take shape a strong collision.


Tiger Texture

Tiger texture has always been a core fabric and design method for fur design. The endless silhouette of the style with different forms of tiger texture give the tiger texture a timeless representative status.


Cow Spot

It use cowhide to create a simple and elegant single item, and highlights the strong side of women.


Python Texture

The python texture is domineering and individual, with different styles to create different visual effects and feelings.


Lattice Chowder

The retro plaid is strong return, the simple vertical interlaced lines and the stiff-skinned pieces are full of scholarly temperament. The iconic plaid makes the whole shape more gentry in style, breaking the reorganization in the traditional plaid pattern. First, the change in size is the key to the design of the new plaid.


Eye-catching Letters

The simple letter slogan can show the trend of simplicity, whether it is cloud the whole body or partial use, it can express the minimalist fashion aesthetics.

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