Fashion Fur Analysis

T-stage comprehensive analysis about 2019 early spring women’s fur-highlights brand recommendation

FENDI(keywords:pink and delicate)
In the early spring of 2019 released by FENDI, the light cherry powder, bare powder and light blue were put on the T stage with lightweight fur trim, delicate fur collar and cuffs, clever fur embossed.The vibrant matt color, with delicate fur accents, contrasts strongly with the contrasting backdrop, creating a subtle and luxurious feel.

Bottega Veneta(Keyword:Vibrant collision)
In contrast to the rich jewels released in the autumn and winter of 2018/19, Bottega Veneta’s early spring collection uses light pastel colors such as wash colors.This soft tone subtly balances the mellow texture of luxury fabrics such as the thick teddy bear faux fur, showing the relaxed, vibrant feel of early spring.

Alena Akhmadullina(Keyword:Wonderful animal)
2019 early spring collection of Russian fur brand-Alena Akhmadullina featuring patterned intarsia design, still draws design inspiration from nature.Vivid and lovely lions, unicorns, and flowers spread by the branches and leaves, through the delicate fur setting process, vividly displayed on the clothing and full of fun.

J. Mendel(Keywords:Calm and Luxurious)
In the early spring of 2019, J Mendel focused on the design of fabric composite and diagonal stripes. The quilts and Swakara fabrics were spliced in pieces, and the fabrics were combined with fabrics and blended into the enamel trim design. These simple and neat design techniques were used to create Dashu’s delicate and luxurious temperament.

Dennis Basso(Keyword:Colorful macaron)
The collection from the New York-based lady brand-Dennis Basso gives a refreshing look with a light, bright color scheme.Blocky stitching, plus fresh and elegant color matching is like a colorful macaron.

Coach 1941(Keyword:Retro rock)
Coach 1941 continues the brand’s retro style, the background chooses the roadside filled with loess and grass, laying the foundation for nomadic vacation, retro old leather jacket, color stitching lamb vest, echoing the design of retro rock.

SPORTMAX(Keyword:Avant-garde movement)
Sportmax’s 2019 early spring vacation collection combines innovative cutting and construction to create a luxurious and stylish sport style. It uses a multi-layered design that is versatile and personalized. The materials are matched with cotton, leather, PVC, cashmere, etc.

Givenchy(Keywords:Neutral and perseverance)
Designer Keller is very precise about the brand’s neutral positioning and simple design concept. This season he uses high-saturation vintage tones, dark green threaded cuffs and wide-neck leather top with a matching pencil skirt.In terms of color, there are different red and rose colors that are boldly applied.In addition to coated lambskin and cowhide with glossy finishes, faux fur is also the key fabric that Givenchy has introduced in this season’s collection.

Dsquared2(Keyword:Urban punk party)
Shiny black leather and exposed metal zippers and rivets are paired with Dsquared2’s classic jeans, and the overall shape is embellished with red accents, giving a wild and unrestrained personality. In addition, the classic red plaid and heterogeneous stitching make the overall match create a romantic and sexy taste.

Sandy Liang(Keywords: Fresh and Young)
Sandy Liang is an emerging Chinese designer brand. The personality of the girl style is the symbol of this designer brand. Deconstruction and tailoring, style splicing can be found in Sandy Liang.This season’s early spring collection incorporates fresh floral motifs, soft and light color stitching to make the garment look exceptionally fresh and feminine.

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