Fashion Fur Analysis

18/19 autumn and winter women’s full-fashion coat designer brand comprehensive analysis–inlaid flower craft

This season’s designer brand intarsia pattern provides light-sleeved women with styles for a variety of occasions.Each brand designer inspires consumers’ imagination and collocation through rich multi-color intarsia decorative patterns to create a style unique to consumers.

Contrast wide stripe
Dazzling colorful stripes, showing quirky rather than traditional art and display, and the complementary relationship between conflicting colors and bold structures.Full of vitality and bright inlays give the garment a sense of fluidity.

Colored narrow stripe
Stitching repeated fluorescent stripes highlights rebellious attitude.The color choice is gray and white and other light colors as the background, the bright yellow is dotted on the background color. These make its overall give a strong visual experience

Color plaid
With a line of sexy color plaid stitching, it creates a smooth sense of lines, and gives the style a clean and elegant atmosphere, full of fashion and playful feeling.

Plant pattern
Plants have always been one of the most frequent patterns in women’s fur applications.The scattered green leaves are full of vitality.Short-haired otters with intarsia appear warm and soft.Rich color contrast, highlighting the stereo effect of flowers.

Star & heart
Different shapes of star & heart patterns formed by different processes are striking, and whether it is a combination or a single inlay on the sleeves and the back as a decoration gives a playful feeling.

Geometric intarsia
The combination of black and white intarsia and contrasting rhombus color blocks gives a cheerful visual rhythm, while the style of large color blocks runs through it, giving a feeling of stability.

Sporadic texture
The animal elements such as cows and wolves are patterned in the form of intarsia to create a noble and luxurious fur item. At the same time, it also adds some license love temperament.

Intensive Leopard print
Among the animal prints, leopard print is the most favored element. It can be sleek and cute, or it can be irregular and wild. It is an element that can be used in many ways.

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