Fashion Fur Analysis

18/19 autumn and winter women’s fur designer brand analysis–Color Temperature


Brand Introduction

Color Temperature was first known because The 17 spring and summer multicolored floral pattern plush coats were used in the ins on European and American bloggers and fashion people, so everyone knows. the magnificent colors, the artistic pattern printing and The combination of design techniques reveals the eccentric atmosphere of Color Temperature.


Key Piece – full fur coat

The all-wool coat is the first choice in winter. Most of the Color Temperature full-hair coats in this season are long knee-length. They are made from animal fur such as rabbit fur and scorpion, and some patterns are used to decorate the noble temperament.


Key piece – fur collar coat

The coat has a thick fur collar that inadvertently reveals a warm feeling. In the winter, this thick fur collar coat is enough to cover the cold.


Key Details – material mix and match

The common material is large-scale with the Swaka fur coat, which is full of decorous feeling, and the water-tank material and the knitted coat are full of levels feels.


Key Details – special fur collar

This season style’s collar details are also a key trend. The fur round neck is colorful, and the triangle collar stitching pullover is grotesque and novel.


Key Pattern – lattice chowder

Plaid is a pattern trend of this year’s hot, this season’s Color Temperature brand items also have a lot of styles applied to the plaid pattern, the cutting style of the prismatic levels is distinct, the British style full of large square plaid coat is also very eye-catching.

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