Fashion Fur Analysis

The early spring of 2019 women’s fur designer brand analysis –Dennis Basso

Brand introduction
Dennis Basso is an expensive fur brand from New York, founded in 1983 by designer Dennis Basso.Dennis Besso’s “new fur” style includes not only the Chanel classic vest style fox fur coat and the Striped squirrel fur coat which improved from the classic style of the French old fur brand J. Mendel, but also adds embroidery, beading, etc. to the fur design.From socialites in the Upper East Side of New York to hip-hop artists, the Dennis Besso brand has a large number of star fans.

Key color
For spring, nothing is more direct and vivid than the fresh colors.In the early spring of 2019, the Dennis Basso brand emphasized the feminization. The pink macaron series were strongly staged. The soft water blue, rose ash powder and cherry powder became the new favorite color of many fur brands.

Key piece – short jacket
The soft color scheme and the dignified and luxurious dress design bring a youthful atmosphere. The double-layered fur is a novelty, and the blue and purple short fur jacket is extraordinarily luxurious.

Key piece – fur collar coat
The fur collar coat brings a special design with a splicing design concept to add decorative. Luxurious furs create a low-key feel with simple materials.

Key details – color stitching
Color contrast stitching is a classic presentation of stitching techniques. However, Dennis Basso’s performance techniques are mostly macarons color contrast design, which is more refreshing and beautiful. it is more energetic to wear and match.

Key details – material comparison
The collision between the worsted and the heavy fur fabric is the highlight of the autumn and winter coat design. Floral decoration enhances the design and quality of the coat.

Key craftsmanship–flower decoration
Using sequins, beads and other materials, the embroidery process is displayed on the tulle fabric. The hand-embroidered flowers are exquisitely decorated and can be viewed infinitely close, because the details of each garment are meticulously perfect.The person who wears it is like a fairy in the flower, full of charm.

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