Fashion Fur Analysis

18/19 Autumn and Winter Beijing Fur Exhibition–Exhibition Trend Analysis

China’s only national scalp exhibition, the Beijing International Fur Exhibition in 2018 opened on May 23. With an exhibition area of 13,000 square meters, the momentum is not small, attracting many well-known fur traders in China, and it is a great event in the fur industry.

Fur stitching coat
Houndstooth materials and plaid fabrics, as well as fabrics like tweed, are very common fabric materials, but less combined with fur.From this year’s exhibition, we can see that many exhibitors have used these materials and fur stitching to make the overcoats or the sills of the coats appear in the exhibition.Therefore, the single product made by this method will also be a hot item for this autumn and winter.

Pastel fox fur
The fox fur has a rough sense of luxury, just like the raccoon fur, but the fox fur is more soft and delicate like rabbit fur.This powder-colored fox fur is not only rich in color, but it is also enough to highlight your luxurious and playful temperament.

Sporty jacket
The style is fashionable and young, while using the jumping color to promote individuality, showing young people’s pursuit of innocence and freedom.

Geometric collision
Ingenious combination of geometric strips, rich picture and rich color experience highlights the layered, individual but lively sense.

Interesting pattern
In the design of women’s wear, the portraits full of retro feelings have shown a trend beyond the realistic style of portraits. This trend also appears in the fur items, and the animal intarsia and the complex flowers are very attractive.

The Swakara fabrics are highlighted by natural shiny water ripples. The patterns on each skin are completely different, and the fabric itself is very complicated. However, this fabric is also widely present in this exhibition.

At this exhibition, it is obvious that most of the outer fabrics are combined with fur with a relatively fancy pattern, but in the details, the pockets and sleeves are decorated with less fur.

Accessories fastener
Metal fasteners combined with crystal or diamonds to illuminate the color, and combined with fur items immediately highlight the luxury feeling.

It is obvious from this exhibition that we are no longer limited to the fur outside, and gradually began to pay attention to the internal.The exterior is just a simple white fur, but looking back is a new world, with a stain and embossing effect inside.The embossed pattern is also very elegant, most of which use floral patterns, and a few use text forms on the skin. The skin of this method is more colorful.

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