Fashion Fur Analysis

18/19 autumn and winter women’s fur designer brand analysis–jakke


Brand Introduction

Jakke is a London-based faux fur fashion brand specializing in super affordable faux fur coats and jackets. The brand is available in a variety of colors and styles, from acid-skinned furry jackets to animal prints. The Jakke brand is younger and wild, which is loved by young girls.

Color Recommendation

This season Jakke is worthy of attention in orange-orange, yellow and Lotus root color, which are very suitable for young ladies.


The style is novel and the shape is simple and durable.


Divergent Pattern

Whether it is diverging in the form of dots or animal stripe patterns, this pattern is deserve attention this season. It is interesting and lively to use stars to show us.


Fruit & Plant

Patterns with cactus, bananas, rose flowers and other are interesting and full of color.



This season’s style also took some thoughts on the back, and the style with the slogan is very streamlined.


Word Stripe & Check

Stripes and plaids are the hot spots in this year. Jakke also used in this season’s autumn and winter models, and the colors are all using high saturation colors.


Color Matching

The different saturation tones are put together, and the visual impact is combined with the artistic beauty to create this season’s eye-catching pieces. Give people the space of infinite imagination, and present the visual shock.

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