Fashion Fur Analysis

18/19 autumn and winter women’s fur T-stage comprehensive analysis


Western Culture

The mix of western prairie styles has weakened female elements to a certain extent. It vividly interprets the spirit of independent and confident spirit and the distinctive attitude of the Western Cool Girls.


Comfortable First

Put the comfortable and soft fur jacket on the shoulders. This is a uniquely relaxing and comfortable way. It is highly respected by the young. It is a unique piece that is very individual and elegant.


Wing collar jacket

Similar to the collar shape of an airplane wing, the design of this type of collar will appear face smaller and show the feminine charm.


Shawl collar jacket

The large shawl-style collar is placed on both shoulders. This fashionable style will be a new popular single product.


Shawl collar jacket

The collar is the most eye-catching design, it is the key part on the clothing.


Sense Baseball Uniform

This kind of loose baseball uniform has a stylish silhouette and a simple style. Whether it is with dress or pants, it can still highlight the fashion attitude.


Short box Jacket

The short jacket creates a cool, box-shaped silhouette that is full of industrialized box shape, it is cool and neutral.


Half Open Collar Sweater

This half open collar design with fur fabric makes the overall silhouette more casual, suit wear alone, it can add styling sense.


Rebel Story

Give people the feeling of defense at any time, ready to fight, the silhouette of the windbreaker has high practical performance, the style is classic and look good, and the waist drawstring design is full of movement.

Hourglass coat

The silhouette is like an hourglass, and this style is easy to highlight the female curve and give people a sense of simple.


Full of color western style coats.


Cold Winter
Seeing this soft and fluffy coat makes people think of the cold winter. In the cold winter, a coat with a simple shape and comfortable material is enough to withstand the cold.


Tunic Coat
The belt acts to tighten the waist, creating the ultimate feminine romance.


British Style
The overall shape is sleek, elegant and simple, highlighting the neutral British style.


Fur Coat
Are you still worried about wearing too much in the winter? It is enough to have such a super-skinned fur coat, which is practical and fashion.


Leisure Time
The cut is simple and comfortable, and this style must be what everyone wants.

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