Fashion Fur Analysis

17/18 autumn and winter women’s street shooting analysis – fur (four fashion weeks)

In a blink of an eye, the four major fashion weeks are over. This season’s fashion week, fur has become the first choice for street fashion people. Let’s review the fashion furs, warm fur coats, elegant leather trench coats, etc. Hot fur items!

Fur one  jacket
The fur one style can be described as the first choice for street-shooting people, with jeans or wide-leg pants, warm lamb fur has a neutral beauty.

Fur one jacket matching guide

Warm jacket
The colorful plush jacket is one of the fashionable items that attracts people’s attention in the winter streets.The plush texture is warm, and it can also be combined with the skirt to create a stylish mix.

Warm jacket matching guide

Leather trench coat
With the rise of the retro style, the leather jacket with wide shoulders is the favorite of mature and sophisticated fashionable women. The glossy patent leather trench coat is causing a new retro wave.

Leather trench coat matching guide

Sheep sheared coat
Sheep shearing and some re-created fur, relatively economical and good warm mid-length style, also bring more material choices to fashion people.

Sheep sheared coat matching guide

mongolian fur coat
Long-haired mongolian fur coats must be the focus of street photographers. The flowing hair looks very warm and cute.

mongolian fur coat matching guide

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