Fashion Fur Analysis

2018 Early Autumn Women’s Fur T-stage Comprehensive Analysis–Pattern & Craft


Wisig is produced by two color interlacing. It is usually red on white, black on white, and blue on white. It was very popular from the 1950s to 1960s.


Pattern–Zebra Pattern
Zebra pattern is a kind of pattern element that is not very easy to control, but many brands used this pattern very well in early autumn and autumn. Most of them use the whole body’s design, and a few use the combination of fur to show the luxury.


Pattern–Identity Letter
The eye-catching logo is also an important design language for this season’s fur. The performance technique is also diversified, giving the fur more highlights while being highly recognizable in wearing.

Pattern–Flower Decoration
In the early autumn new models or press conferences, many floral patterns can be seen in the clothing. This design is popular. The combination of flowers and clothing can not be praised as a life when you walk.



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