Fashion Fur Analysis

17/18 autumn and winter women’s fur street shooting analysis – fur one

Every year until the winter, the streets are full of down jackets, sweaters, coats, and it is easy to dress same. Winter is also a season for us to test the skill of the match. It is difficult to balance the fashion and warmth. If you want to be fashionable, it will be difficult to keep warm. If you want to keep warm, it will look bloated. How can you keep warm and chic? With a fur one piece that is not bloated but warm, you can play any shape, make you stylish and warm, and the most beautiful in winter.

Fur one coat + skirt
Who said that you can’t wear a skirt in winter? Matching fur one is both chic and warm! The combination of thin and thick materials removes the heavyness of winter and brings a sense of ethereality.

Fur one coat + wide leg pants
High-waist wide-leg pants are a good partner for short jackets. The combination of the two immediately raises the waistline and lengthens the legs. It is recommended to choose socks, ankle-length wide-leg pants, etc. to highlight the ankles, so as not to look bloated.

Fur one coat + straight pants
This retro pant can be worn with almost any short jacket. It is recommended to roll up the long pants or choose the ankle-length pants, so that the ankles can be exposed, avoiding the visually low center of gravity and the lack of spirit.

Fur one coat + Skinny Jeans
Fur collar jacket with Oversize shape , perfect for skinny Jeans. This kind of matching can reverse the legs more delicate, not afraid of cold girls can learn supermodel challenge to wear hole skinny jeans!

Fur one coat + casual sweatpants
If you want to be the most watched hipster on the street, how can you forget the sporty style? What’s more, the fur coat and the loose sportswear look very comfortable and have a texture.

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