Fashion Fur Analysis

17/18 autumn and winter women’s street beat fur one coat fabric analysis – fur street feeling

On the early winter of the 18th, the fashion of the web celebrity or the stars choose a handsome and elegant fur coat to make a high-profile go out as alway, there is also a breakthrough in color, caramel color Rio Red and natural greens are applied to the fur coat, making the fur more colorful, becoming the most popular fabric and style.

Dry rose
The combination of soft fur and dry rose color creates a comfortable retro romantic atmosphere in the autumn and winter, stylish,functional and handsome. At the same time, the pink color of the bright color is more full of youthful.

Natural green
The beautiful pink-green and dark green color of the two colors are widely used in the coat of the fur, whether it is suede composite or corduroy composite fur, etc., which are sought after by fashion people, it is necessary option for this winter.


Passionate Rio Red
The passionate Rio red combined with the fur fabric reflects the retro elegance, enthusiasm, handsome and stylish, and can easily match the retro mix style.


Caramel Light Brown
The light brown fur fabric is used on jackets, motorcycle suits and other jackets. It reflects the diversity on the basis of the original. It is the fashionable hot item in the winter, and it is also the out-of-street item that every fashion blogger pursues.


Caramel dark brown
Caramel dark brown corduroy or suede fur is used in jackets and locomotives. The long-sleeved corduroy composite fur fabric is also a fashionable watch, whether it is a fashion blogger’s street or a famous big name. Invariably chose the style made with corduroy. It can be seen that the corduroy fabric and the fur are widely used and heat.


Deep carbon black
Compared to the so-called popularity of some impetuous, black seems to be better than the long flowing, classic and unconventional. The black fur coat is definitely a beautiful scenery on the street for this winter!

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