Fashion Fur Analysis

18/19 Autumn and Winter Haining Fur Exhibition–A Comprehensive Analysis



Plaid Woollen Coat

Looking at the entire exhibition, we can find that the “China Leather Fashion Week” has been successfully held for many years – “2018 Haining China International Fashion Week”. The category fabrics ordered this season are no longer limited to the previous fur fabrics, but tend to match the ready-to-wear fabrics. For example, the most popular woven tweed fabrics and other fabrics in the exhibition, combined with the fur liner, the style of the coat, in addition to meeting the needs of warmth, the style is more and more fashionable, and also expand the crowd suitable for purchase.


Fur Collar Coat

Woolen, wool, cashmere coats mainly emphasize the decoration of the collar fur, in addition to ordinary lining, some liners will be down, printed suede, or other wool liners, such as fetal wool, lamb hair and so on.


Granular Coat

The granule coat is an important item launched this year. In fact, it is a combination of fur and printed suede. The style is rich and varied, and the collocation is extremely high.


Mink Print Coat

This season, both the corporate and designer brands have launched a combination of printed suede and fur. Each of them launched exclusive prints that rival each other. Styles that prefer a more casual feel can also be worn on both sides, which is equivalent to buying one piece and wearing two pieces.


Micro Tide Parkas

Compared with last year’s plain waterproof nylons parkas, this year’s pie-overcoming may be more popular with young hipsters. Not only has a fabric with pearlescent and reflective materials introduced, but also a finishing touch on the design of the pattern, the liner used this year to feel the fabric of tin foil, with a sense of future technology.


Woollen Parkas

Parkas with the pattern above, the woolen parkas can be said simple and low-key, blending into the stitching of ready-to-wear and fur fabrics, plus a detachable liner. Cost-effective and practical.


Heterogenous stitching

In line with the trends and themes of this season, the trend of ready-to-wear fabrics integrated into the exhibition is getting higher and higher. Down fur stitching, knit fur stitching, woolen fur stitching, and other multi-material mixes have enriched the designer’s perception and vision of traditional fur, and are increasingly suit more young fashion customers.


Detail collection

The heterogeneous stitching of buckles is a highlight. In addition, exquisite embroidery, a combination of hair balls and flowers, hot drilling and appliqués enrich the details of the style.

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