Fashion Fur Analysis

Comprehensive analysis of women’s fur T-stage in 2018 spring and summer—Moscow

Moscow 2018 spring and summer women’s fashion week revealed a strong Eastern European characteristic, we chose color, material, style, craft, four angles to analyze the trend of fur.

Color – flower pink
The light pink tone is strongly registered in this season’s Russian show. Flower pink, rose perfume color, and pale pink are all colors that cannot be ignored.

Color – gray blue
The blue color with different gray scales is displayed on the major shows with its unique calm and fresh and sweet and romantic possibilities.

Color – bright blue
This season continues the bright blue trend. Fashion designers are unable to reject this elegant blue that is eye-catching in nature. High saturation blues such as royal blue, electro-optic blue, dark blue, and deep sea blue appear on the show in different forms.

Material- Swakara
Swakara is a rare material that is natural, precious. In recent years, it has gradually become one of the noble materials that the world’s first-line designers are pursuing. It has become a hot new darling in the fashion industry. The most striking feature of Swakara is the pattern of its surface.

Style-fur coat
Most of the coats are made of bohemian silk jacquard, lined with Swakara or mink. The application of jacquard makes the clothes more refined and slightly retro.

Style – short jacket
The casual shoulder design adds a sense of laziness and also creates a youthful retro sports style.

Craft- complex decoration
On the gorgeous fur, using the technique of inlaid embroidery, the delicate bead decoration and the flower and bird graphics are presented on the clothing, showing the exquisite craftsmanship.

Craft- fault design
The designer uses the stitching between the fur and the different materials or different furs to cause the change between the layers, showing the effect of the fault and breaking the bloated feeling of the fur itself.

Craft – fur stitching decoration
Using splicing or partial embellishment, the luxurious fur is integrated into the garment. The fabric stitching between different materials presents a rich visual effect, which is unique and beautiful, and also enhances the value of the item through fur stitching.

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