Fashion Fur Analysis

17/18 autumn and winter women’s fur designer brand recommendation – Clio Peppiatt

Brand introduction
Clio Peppiatt is a London-based womenswear designer. She graduated from Ravensbourne University with a womenswear major. In 2015, she founded her own eponymous brand Clio Peppiatt. Clio Peppiatt’s design is unique and quirky. The costumes create a strong visual effect with bold colors and lively and playful styles. Clio likes to choose the patterns that make people feel relaxed, often creating ideas that combine street elements with luxury, high-end fashion styles. Clio peppiatt creates unique and positive clothing by exploring the topic of modern women in her work, designed to make women feel happy and fearless. This season is around the theme “LOVE RAT”. Underground Disco scene, flyer decoration, retro scene combined with the current trend to express the theme of love.

Clio Peppiatt’s fur is a colorful stitching technique that makes the fur look lively and playful. Presents a unique style. The whole garment is shown in a warm and intimate image, giving the fur a rainbow-like embellishment.

Brilliant colors
Brilliant colors is used as the color of the fur, make the traditional fur like returning to youth. This technique is applied to the whole body of the coat, the shoulders of the jacket, the pocket, etc., and the color matching is not limited to the stitching of one color or regular color, but the color with high saturation and brightness. This kind of splicing does not give people a glare and a cliché, but gives a refreshing visual impact.

The different color stitching of fur is only a feature, and the stitching of embroidery, sequins and different materials is also the customary method of Clio. The embroidered pattern is also very interesting and humorous. The little mouse combines with the elements of love, it sounds like a comedy humor.

Humorous embroidery
Embroidery should be a serious job, but not in Clio’s work. The embroidery pattern and the color of the clothing itself have a sense of telling the story. And this kind of embroidery technique is mostly used in the back, sleeves, etc. The combination of embroidery and sequins for the fur is also a new idea for Clio Peppiatt fur.

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