Fashion Fur Analysis

2018 spring and summer women’s leather fur T-stage comprehensive analysis – pattern

Plants and flowers
In the spring and summer of 2018, the feminine plant and flower pattern is still the mainstream. This season, it uses a nostalgic color scheme to create a realistic retro style. A large number of floral patterns add romance to the season.

Cow pattern
The cow gives the impression that it is warm, cute and healthy. The designer applied the spotted pattern of the cow to the costume, making the costume look cute and elegant.

Python pattern
The python pattern is designed with a simple color palette, and the retro silhouette and interesting color combinations make the overall style look modern.

Retro plaid
The classic retro plaid always maintains a stylish visual experience and is loved by women. The designer blends the retro plaid into the current fashion aesthetic, bringing a new impact.

Irregular color block
The irregular geometric pattern design presents a rich visual level, with a simple and stylish silhouette design to create a neutral and glamorous avant-garde piece.

Geometric patterns
The shape of the geometric shape is matched with different crafts, and the regular arrangement is combined to bring a three-dimensional geometric design. The color of the contrast color adds a rich visual sense.

Eye-catching stripes
The colorful stripe-stitched fur pieces break the old-fashioned, dull impression of the fur, and the bold contrast color and geometric elements bring a new visual experience, injecting young fashion vitality into the fur design.

Flow stripe
The curved stripe pattern is reminiscent of the ripples, adding a sense of rhythm to the season’s pieces. The rich craftsmanship such as splicing and inlaying creates unlimited possibilities for water ripples.

Black and white collision
In addition to elegance, there is also a sense of leisure. White and black collide, always creating a stylish and avant-garde modern.

Color gradient
The gradient of color adds a layered feel to the overall shape, making the deep and light colors fit perfectly.

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