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2018 spring and summer women’s leather T-stage comprehensive analysis – craftsmanship & details

Metal Chain
The metal chain decoration not only enhances the beauty, but also very practical. The decoration combined with practicality and beauty, and it can be decorated on the fur with a strong heavy metal feel.

Rivet Decoration
The metal rivets are used to decorate the garments, showing the exquisite and neutral neutral wind. The metal rivets arranged neatly along the clothing structure line, clearly show the design of the garment. The dense rivets are placed on the black leather garment. The contrast between the metallic color and the dark black makes the garment have street punk feeling.


Metal Air Hole
The metal hole arrangement is decorated on the clothing, the strong metallic luster and the background color creat a strong contrast, the handsome visual effect, with a strong personal color, it also have a great detail design.


Hot Fix
Designers use interesting parttern in garment to create a vintage look by different techniques. Different from other clothing techniques, hot fix can bring a strong visual effect. It make the clothing look exquisite and gorgeous, challenging nature and temperament, and has a freshing feeling.


Hollow Out
This season, the designer creates a fabric with rich touch and visual effects through the flower burning process, creating a certain hollowing effect and sweetness. The geometric elements combined with the hollow design are used in clothing, novel and stylish.


Rope Decoration
The rope decoration is the hottest decorative element at the moment. The designer has worn the rope in many parts of the jacket, which is both functional and decorative, bringing a sense of youthfulness to the single item.


Sport Drawstring
The drawstring design injects the sport elements into the garment, and expressed the waist contour of garment more vividly. The folds brought by the drawstring enrich layering.


Edge Stitching
The designer sketch the edge of the garment in a simple solid color garment to make the garment look more refined and play a striking effect. Or it is the bright line, or the stitching of the same color. The decoration of this line make the clothing has a retro effect.


Lotus leaf ruffle
The ruffles and hem of the last few seasons that cannot be ignored on the runway, this two are still important in the spring and summer of 2018. Designers use delicate ruffles to soften the contours, or embellish the shoulders, neckline and sills to create a richer surface finish and create a modern romantic style.


The tassel’s decoration follows the trend of the clothing. This season still mostly decorated in the garment, and it is full of active while walking.

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