Fashion Fur Analysis

2017 early autumn women’s Haining wholesale market analysis – fur


Sports Drawstring
This season, Haining market follows the current trend, and also catches up with the sport style, the details of the drawstring waist, and the integration of letters add some sense to the style of street sports.


Collarless Baseball Shirt
The collarless baseball shirt is still popular, and it accounts for a large part of the young market. The materials used are more diversified, leather, sheep shearing, and mink, catering to all levels of customer needs.


Big Fur Collar
The thick fur and the fluffy warm big fur collar are the major features of the nick garment. Compared to last year’s military green style, this year khaki Nick garment is the popular color and.


What is the popular coat this year? It must be Albaka coat. In addition to the two-sided ones that have been popular in previous years, most shops have new Albaka coats. The warmth is higher than that of double-sided, with a certain extent of rigidity.


Fluffy Lamb Hair
The fur-integrated fluffy lamb coat is soft to touch, very light and comfortable to wear, and the fluffy lamb hair lapels for warmth.


Fur combination
The combination of the fur and the stitching style makes it more personal and gives the designer more inspiration. No matter the young or the old, the suitable style can be found.


The mink fur with the heavy work intarsia process is regarded as a clear stream in the market. Most of them are applied to the intarsia on the full fur coat. The mink and sheep shearing style are mainly used to make the local positioning intarsia process.

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