Fashion Fur Analysis

2018 Spring and Summer Women’s T-stage Brand Analysis

Pattern: Psychedelic Flower
The warm colors of the Caribbean are reflected in the perfect floral details, and the multicolored prints are swept away in the thin organza. Have a haze beauty. The flowers on the green leather coat are decorated with heat treatment instead of embroidery, delicate and elegant. The combination of flower patterns and fur and silk chiffon fabrics fully demonstrates the exquisite craftsmanship.

Pattern: individual stripes
In addition to the consistent simplicity and sophistication, this season’s stripe elements add a bit of a girllike dreamy atmosphere. Under the light and technical fabric, nude sequins create visual highlights. No girl will reject the charm of coral powder and sequins, and increase the variability of clothing while adding the charm of the clothes themselves.

Pattern:vintage plaid
Plaid is more or less with Vintage’s exquisite appearance. It appears on different fabrics. The combination of different sizes makes the plaid fresh and full. It is elegant but not old-fashioned.

Crop detail: off-the-shoulder
Leather and tannins are exposed to the shoulders and tightened in the crotch. A belt is used to create a high-waist visual proportion. Even the tough and wide material is equally feminine.

Craft details: hollow-carved leaves
The hollow-carved palm leaves on the skirt make the simple skirt more design texture, and continue to be light and breathable. It seems to be the craftsmanship of the paper-cut version.

Fabric: perspective and overlay
The layers of perspective fabrics are superimposed to fully demonstrate the collision between Italian futurism and tropical travel themes. The combination of the fluoroscopy fabric and the tropical ocean beach elements, create an amazing perspective.

Core item: fur coat jacket
The flowers on the black fur coat are decorated with intarsia techniques. Delicate and elegant. Or use fur to interpret stripes or plaid.

Core item: Polo shirt
The bowling shirt turned into an organza shirt, a football Polo shirt, and have a curvy look. At this time, adding a tight-fitting turtleneck, you can go on holiday with great grace.

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