Fashion Fur Analysis

17/18 autumn and winter T-stage women’s fur fabric analysis – fur one

Fur one–metal camouflage
Metallic luster has always been the fashion darling of designers with its sci-fi and luxury style. In the new season, the fusion of wild leisure patterns such as camouflage creates a uniquely shredded and exquisite metallic luster pattern that creates a wild and modern feel.

Fur one–flower yarn
The exquisite yarn-dyed yarn craftsmanship creates a new style of fur that is light and casual and a bit retro-grainy. Its unique floral design is fashionable.

Fur one–double-sided color
High-quality sheepskin can maximize the warmth performance, and the trendy design of double-sided color and contrast line makes the fur in the show exude a sense of modernity in simplicity.

Fur one–urban bright leather
The urban feel has always been unique to bright leather. The medium and long coat with positive and negative fur stitching is a good choice for the new season.

Fur one – suede
Suede fabrics have always been a must for designers because of their classic rough nomadic features. Blended into sporty casual style and short waist style, it looks youthful.
Fur one–bump texture
Fine grainy texture created by exquisite leather special treatment, casual and modern. Combining the design features of the fur one, it is the most fashionable and warm and comfortable item selection throughout the season.

Fur one–retro twill cotton
Twill cotton has always been the best choice for windbreaker jackets. In the new season, it is integrated into the elements of the fur, which can simultaneously display the characteristics of simple temperament and warmth and luxury, making the casual twill cotton a must-have item for the season, creating a retro and comfortable new luxury style.

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