Fashion Fur Analysis

2019 Spring And Summer Women’s Fur Brand Recommendation – Color Temperature

Color Temperature

Color Temperature is a recent emerging fur brand that is hot on INS. Its design always reveals a novelty and peculiar temperament, and the harmonious contrast design makes the fur garment more dazzling.

Contrast Color

Color Temperature is the classic black and white clothing is embellished with colorful patterns, and the colorful design makes the clothing lit and has vintage and individuality.

Animal Element

This season, Color temperature use different animal elements to the clothing. The appearance of leopard print adds more wildness to the fur. The designer still focuses on the design behind the clothing, highlighting the perfect design.

Geometric Color Block

It presents the women of the new era with simple and clear geometric elements. The simple and individual stripes and fur stitching show the core of elegance and self-confidence with simple and atmospheric classic fashion aesthetics.

Simple Fur

It not only produces extremely unique fur, but also the simple fur. The partial digging design makes the fur become sexy, and the simple design is more versatile and practical.

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