Fashion Fur Analysis

2018 Early Spring Women’s T Platform Comprehensive Analysis -Leather & Fur

Leather & Fur

Three-Dimensional Flower

The exquisite three-dimensional craft adds a rich sense of detail to the single product. The three-dimensional flower decorated with fur material is more gorgeous, and the eye-catching color creates a more fashionable single product.

Eye-Catching Stripes

Striped stitched fur pieces break the old-fashioned fur, the inherent impression of dullness, bold contrasts bring a new visual experience, injecting youthful vitality into the fur design.

Pearl Decoration

Pearl has always been the representative of elegance, the mellow and soft light is never obvious, but you can hardly ignore itis existence.

Rivet Decoration

The metal decoration on the edge highlights the rigorous workmanship, and the gloss of the surface of the fabric is psychedelic due to the presence of metal.

Braided Tie

The lacing design can be used as a functional or purely decorative detail. Use the same color or contrast tie to create an elegant or striking effect.


The ruffle trim is simple and fun on the neckline, cuffs and hem.

Linear Tassel

Dynamic and flying slender tassels, embellished on the shoulders, pockets and hem, fluttering in the wind, creating a romantic and dynamic atmosphere.

Color Block Stitching

The high-saturation color block splicing visually presents the color gradation irregularly splicing lines and can disperse the color center of gravity.

Fabric Stitching

Color splicing of leather with fabrics to make the details more full, breaking the single dullness of the fabric and adding a youthful vitality.

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