Fashion Fur Analysis

Brand Analysis of 2018 Spring and Summer Women’s garment booking club

Color Analysis: Barbie Pink
A lot of bright Barbie pink runs through the early spring series, revealing the youthful atmosphere.

Color Analysis: Bubble Blue
Blue is undoubtedly a new color scheme that is eye-catching. Designers make full use of this refreshing color to create long skirts or knitted modern cut out garments.

Color Analysis: Jungle Green
This striking color is used to enhance the linear print effect or color block design to create an exaggerated effect.

Pattern analysis: wallpaper pattern
The light floral prints are fresh and natural, and are a refreshing color for the summer. Contrast color brings rich color changes and strong contrast.

Pattern Analysis: Classic Plaid
These classic plaids are given new fashion dynamism by the designer. Pink plaid coat is sleek, gray pleated dress with bright yellow tie, full of girly.

Pattern Analysis: Letter LOGO
The letter LOGO highlights the attitude of the contemporary people, bringing a more handsome style of wear, adding a bit of sport and vitality.

Detail analysis: tie design
The lacing design not only adorns the limb lines, but also illuminates the overall shape. Style can changeable.

Detail analysis: bell sleeve
The design of the bell sleeves makes the tops and dresses full of retro style.

Craft Analysis: Inlaid Fur
All kinds of coats are decorated with bright three-dimensional intarsia patterns to bring out a fresh and elegant feeling.

Craft Analysis: Hollow floral pattern
The floral pattern is arranged by geometric patterns, and the warm color is used as the main color to make the whole of the costume lively and lovely. In addition, the addition of white balances the visual experience.

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