Fashion Fur Analysis

17/18 Autumn And Winter Russian Women’s T-stage Comprehensive Analysis – fur highlights brand

Highlights Brand —Alena Akhmadulline

Inspired by many different folklore stories, the autumn & Winter of 2017 series features a retro style with rich colors and gorgeous embroidery.

Highlights Brand —Igor Gulyaev

Designers who prefer simple styles won’t understand how gorgeous the complex shapes are.

Highlights Brand —Tsiganova

Tsiganova’s 17 autumn and winter series named “Twenty Red”, very Russian style.

Highlights Brand —Ekaterina Furs

She uses fur in a unique way. Fur is paired with the must-have casual sports yoga pants, stylish yet retro.

Highlights Brand —Sensus Conture

She is constantly looking for new ideas, and every shape is eye-catching. Translucent cloak with a flashing bomber jacket, full of mystery atmosphere.

Highlights Brand —Bella Potemkina

The designer pays attention to the natural feminine charm, bringing bohemian styling, soft silhouette and stylish decoration.

Highlights Brand —Fomenko For Panafics Furs

This series of themes is a dream, and its color processing and pattern have a strong visual impact. Because of its own pattern design, you can express your own characteristics and atmosphere without any modification.

Highlights Brand —Duet

Its autumn and winter series are diversified in style, exotic ethnic colors, exquisite embroidery patterns, small tassel decorations, etc., which combines popular elements with national characteristics.

Highlights Brand —Barbara Reis

German designers Barbara Reis are committed to the innovation of soft wool, the natural torn edge of the fur coat, in addition to the warm and mellow fur touch, but also with a natural original style.

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