Fashion Fur Analysis

17/18 Autumn And Winter Women’s Show Fur Products Analysis – Color Articles


Light and leaping pink, it is especially eye-catching in the dull winter, match with black, classic elegance, and match the sky blue is more pink and lively.

Peach Pink

The faint Peach Pink has a natural skin-friendly temperament that can fully show the beautiful of the girl. The soft tones are filled with the gentleness of women, creating a gentle and elegant feminine charm.


The bright kelly color is an important bright color in this autumn and winter T-stage show. This combination of high-definition colors is best to match with dark colors.

Big Red

Big red is the most powerful color, full of excitement and passion, and it is a timeless classic. The combination of big red and black has always been used, the sexy and sleek fur coat, the youthfulness and vitality of the two-side fur.The different collocation styles express the different temperament of women.


With the blue color being the new season’s key fashion color, the rich turquoise color of the blue department has begun to rise quietly, becoming the perfect fashion color of the between summer and autumn, the turquoise color is fresh and modern, and it can be used as a single color in big area,aslo can be used as a partial brightening color.

Royal Blue

The royal blue is a bright cold color, which brings a noble and quiet and fascinating visual experience with an extremely strong visual intrusion.

Dark Green

The dark green color gives a feeling of nobleness, and it can fully reveals the retro feelings, demonstrating the feminine temperament.

Dark Olive Green

Deep olive green with a deep sense of sorrow and a little melancholy, it brings us more imagination with its confusing colors, and this solemn color is perfect in winter.


Purple symbolizes nobleness and elegance. In the autumn and winter seasons, it shows more elegant. And it is a must-have color for wardrobes.

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