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2018 Spring and Summer Lineapelle Italian Leather Exhibition – Trend Analysis

hand made
The desire for pure handmade products makes natural materials and traditional crafts stand out at the show. The basket weave structure appears in the design of leather fabrics in a traditional or modern way. It explains to people the exquisite, elegant texture of the craftsmanship

laser cutting
The leather cutting process is used in many designs by brands and designers. Various irregular pattern shapes such as flowers and geometry are applied to modern cutting technology to achieve perfect results.

3D effect
Interstellar crossing and scientific exploration have inspired a wide variety of alternative leathers. The 17/18 science fiction theme is incorporating more movement elements. Leather has a 3D effect through special techniques, and embossed leather is full of surrealism and futurism.

Foaming effect
In the autumn of 17/18, the leather has been specially crafted to create the effect of blistering, polka dots and hides. Compared with traditional sports synthetic fabrics, leather is more luxurious.

Painted animal skin
Exotic elements are subtly integrated into the design of the leather, and this colored hide makes the leather look more personal and alternative.

Hand Painted
The 2018 spring and summer new products presented at this exhibition have obvious hand-painted elements without exception. It not only reflects the popularity of crafts, but also adds points to the surface effect of leather.

Abstract flower pattern
The flower scent that was popular in the last season looks more blurry and abstract in this season. The designer hides the delicate flower pattern under the animal skin and the basket weaving material, giving the material a fresh, modern look.

Different colors and different materials

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