Fashion Fur Analysis

17/18 autumn and winter women’s order meeting single product analysis – fur

Pattern Craft: Flowers
Using fur as raw material, combined with unique handicrafts and dyeing techniques, the fur has a flower-like brilliance and is more visually impactful.

Pattern Craft: Fun Intarsia
The soft fur is matched with the fun print elements to create a strong visual effect. The overall style is eye-catching and exudes avant-garde charm.

Patterning Craft: stripes
The playful and lovely colorful stripes are mixed in the fur, adding fun to the dull autumn and winter season.

Pattern analysis: color block stitching
Geometric color block elements penetrate into the design of the fur item. They appear in an abstract combination or a large color block arrangement, and they are also ingenious in the use of color, with some rules in the chaos.

Pattern Analysis: Animal Texture
Animal print fur is still an unstoppable trend this season. It combines original textures with modern pop elements to add fun to the fashion classic.

Style analysis: baseball uniform style
Fur baseball uniforms make mashups more diverse. The style of casual sports adds a touch of vitality for the mix with skirts or trousers.

Style analysis: Parkas
The parkas is fur or is not fur. It combines the handsomeness of the coat and the soft texture of the fur.

Style analysis: fur one
The fur one coat gives you a warm feeling of Nordic style. It has both warm plush and Good touch suede leather. The texture has an irresistible charm.

Style analysis: lapel coat
The lapels fur coat has more decorative details. Such as three-dimensional decoration, color stitching, belts and so on.

Detail analysis: different material stitching
In recent years, the proportion of stitching design of fur and all kinds of fabrics has become larger and larger, adding a new visual experience to the popular aesthetic.

Detail analysis: fur pocket
The fur pieces of different colors and sizes are decorated in the pockets, which can add a sense of exquisiteness to the clothes, and can be fashionable and new.

Detail analysis: partial decoration
Fur decorative elements are appearing more and more frequently in fashion, and the way is more diverse. It can not only reflect the exquisite craftsmanship, but also add a sense of fashion and luxury.

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