Fashion Fur Analysis

2018 Autumn and Winter Women’s Street Shooting Analysis – Fur

Material stitching

The collision of different materials breaks the dullness of the fur and the single form. The stitching of different materials not only makes the clothes more distinctive, but also makes the different furs play the most distinctive role in the clothes.

Intarsia pattern

The intarsia pattern is not only an innovation in fur technology, but also an increase in the fun of fur.

Gradient smudge

From bright to dark or from deep to shallow, the gradient of fur is not only colorful, but also visually creates a sense of depth.

Striped Visual Sense

The thick and thin stripes are superimposed together, and the color is used to create the layering of the fur, which makes up for the fullness and weight of the long fur.

Contrast Stitching

The dyeing and splicing of large-area color blocks, the combination of long-haired and short-haired and the strong contrast of colors to make up for the lack of materials, the bold color use and the cutting method of the flowing water to break the single and heavy of the fur.

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