Fashion Fur Analysis

Leandra Medine teaches you to cope with the cold winter with fur

Over the knee fur coat
Over the knee fur coat is a piece that she loves very much for Leandra Medine in winter. Whether it is with long white bell pants or brown skirt, it is easy to change between elegance and personality.

Over the knee fur coat
This season, the fur coat has become the most popular item in the wild item. The furry and affable fur coat is more layered, keeping warm while not losing the sense of fashion.

Dressing match with the over knee fur coat

Fur one coat
Leandra Medine uses fur one jackets to wear different styles of LOOK. Wearing a different style is the basis of her as a fashion blogger.

Dressing match with the fur one coat

Short fur coat
The short fur coat is also a favorite item for Leandra Medine in winter. Whether it is a suit stitching fur or a collarless fur coat, she can easily control it. Paired with jeans or wide-leg pants, casual and not unassuming, switching between the two easily.

Dressing match with the short fur coat

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