Fashion Fur Analysis

2017 early autumn women’s fur T-stage single item analysis – coat

Sports jacket
Catering to the current sports fashion label, this season’s fur is no exception, major brands have launched sports leather, blending fashion and sports, making the cool leather more dynamic and practical.

Metal punk coat
The traditional leather clothes always give the impression of punk. This season continues the punk style theme. However, the punk style of the modern city is weakening the feeling of rebellion, but it will still be integrated with metal ornaments such as rivets, which retains the personality and looks fashionable.

Waist belt leather coat
This season, the leather windbreaker style tends to be mature and simple, with a lot of solid colors, showing the feeling of noble and neat, more practical and durable.

Fur one
The fur one coat is one of the important items in the early autumn. It is warmer than the skin and lighter than the wool. It is loved by many bloggers. This season’s early autumn fur one coats are more subtle and calmer, regardless of color or style.

Big fur collar coat
The big fur collar coat can also enhance the grade of the clothes while keeping warm.

Full fur coat
The whole fur coat is probably the warmest look in the fur world. This season, brand designers changed most in colors of the long-sleeve coats.

Intarsia fur coat
In the early fall of this season, Versace used geometric intarsia, Gucci used animal intarsia, one showed avant-garde and the other showed personality.

Highlight analysis: intarsia pattern
Intarsia is one of the important techniques on fur coats. A good pattern can give a lot of points to the whole style. Naturally, the more complex the pattern of intarsia, the more time the craftsman spends, and the price of the coat is higher. This season’s intarsia is roughly divided into four categories, geometry, animals, flowers and cartoons.

Highlight analysis: embroidery craft
The craft of embroidering patterns is complicated, but the effect is better.

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