Fashion Fur Analysis

2018 Autumn and Winter Women’s Fur Street Shooting Analysis – fur

Fashion sports style
In this fashion circles with a resurgence of sports, in addition to a pair of small white shoes, the fashion trends of the world have turned to the sports pants style fur coat. The contrasting fluff is contrasted in the leather jacket, which visually gives a full impression and adds a bright spot to the jacket. Wear it and easily interpret Sporty Chic.

Personality Wind
When the soft warm fluff collides with the tough leather, it interprets the modern style and blends bold colors with the ultimate cut. Dedicated to the feminine personality, the interpretation of casual, free high-level avant-garde.

Rate Locomotive Wind
The leather texture of the leather gives a handsome feeling, but it seems to be somewhat stiff. It is good to add a neutral fluff to the leather product to weaken this neutrality.

Workplace Commuting
The fur jacket can also create a commuter style in the workplace. The office workers can also use it to match the suit and shirts, and break the dress style of the women in the workplace. After the work, they don’t have to change clothes.

Extremely Elegant
In the days of wind, the coat is the most lyrical dress, and it occupies the memory of the whole winter in the quiet. However, this year’s fur coat gives the impression of a full-fledged elegant woman. Whether it is a girl with a cute route, or a ladylike style with a gentle temperament, a woman with fur and coat is destined to sway in this winter.

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