Fashion Fur Analysis

17/18AW Haining China Leather Expo Women’s items Analysis – Fur

Key items

Traditional embroidery
Using the splicing technology, the traditional Chinese embroidery is integrated into the leather, showing us the charm of embroidery and the handsomeness of leather.

Most of the lacing play a decorative role. The decorative details of these cross lacing reflect the retro European style while keep it practical.

Metal coating
Leather and tin foil textured fabrics form a strong contrast between femininity and futuristic. The decorative elements of the zipper and the letters make it lively.

Material stitching: lace + mesh
Lace and mesh are detailed fabrics that add a touch of romance to the style. Its embedding has changed the impression that the leather design is luxurious.

Material stitching: woolen
The stitching of woolen and fur is becoming more common, and change the impression that fur is thick and monotonous in the past.

Color block stitching
The color block splicing uses a delicate structure and color tones, and the strong contrast color adds a sense of drama and is particularly beautiful.

The intarsia technique incorporates the charm of fur into every design, and the patterns are combined and changed, with a sense of restrained luxury.

Zipper decoration
The zipper is used as a joint of clothes, mainly used in the placket, hem and bag cover.

Rivet decoration
Incorporating rivets into the design, plus tassels as an embellishment, gives the clothes avant-garde fashion style.

Craft collection

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