Fashion Fur Analysis

17/18 autumn and winter women’s street shooting analysis – fur

Single product analysis-color stitching
The splicing of large-area color blocks, the combination of long fur and short fur, and the strong contrast of colors make up for the lack of material. The bold use of color breaks the singularity of the fur and makes it more energetic.

Detail analysis

Single product analysis-dyed stripes
The thick and thin stripes are superimposed together, and the color is used to create the layering of the fur, which makes up the thick feeling of the long fur.

Single product analysis-print pattern
The print pattern is not only an innovation in fur technology, but also adds fun to the fur. Breaking the traditional fur concept, making clothes younger, more energetic and representative.

Single product analysis – materials stitching
The collision of different materials breaks the dullness of the fur and the single form. The splicing of different materials not only makes the clothes themselves more distinctive, but also makes the different furs play the most distinctive role in the clothes.

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