Fashion Fur Analysis

2018 Autumn and Winter Women’s Conference Trend Express Delivery – fur hem

Different fur stitching
The heterogeneous fur splicing through the splicing of wide furs, layered lines, revealing the atmosphere without losing the understated luxury; the three-dimensional sheep shearing fabric contrasts with the ordinary models, bringing a more artistic and three-dimensional effect. While breaking the traditional splicing routine, using the half-length splicing, the large splicing of the color block collision has a novel design index.

Fur mix
The mix of fur and leather, the shades of black to reflect the modern family, the stitching design of the two adds a different layering to the original simple and refined silhouette. In addition, the infiltration of the love pattern adds luster to the overall design.

Wool stitching
The combination of fur and woolen and cashmere fabrics continues to be small in this season. PRADA mixes fur with plaid wool to create a distinctive cloak profile and rounded loose style. Alberta Ferretti is designed with rough tweed and gradient raccoon hair, full of romance.

Damask/lace stitching
In this season’s launch of the T-stage, countless brands have used the jacquard brocade that best reflects the court style, as well as tulle, velvet, lace and embroidery. Of course, fur is the indispensable protagonist of the palace wind, let the fur match the jacquard brocade, its striking and gorgeous degree wins the combination of fur and cashmere.

Knitting stitching
The combination of fur and knitting has become the norm, and more and more splicing ratio designs appear on the T-stage, adding a new sense of design to the fashion trend.

Down/cotton clothing stitching
The cotton hem is spliced with fur, which makes it more lovely and lovely. It can not only increase the delicate detail of fashion, but also look fashionable and new! The splicing area is generally designed in the lining, lapel, cuff or hem, and the temperament is elegant and subtle.

Craft details
In the design, the craft details are particularly prominent in the local, mainly with sequins, laces and other elements and different color stitching and matching, to create a rich layering, showing low-key and exquisite feelings.

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