Fashion Fur Analysis

17/18 autumn and winter women’s ordering analysis – fur

This season’s fur products are available in a variety of styles, including sleeveless jackets, short-sleeve truncated jackets, casual jackets, hooded coats, and belted coats; The gradient smudge pattern has become the focus, as well as creative realistic animal prints, abstract lines, etc.; Material splicing, front and back composite, and edge decoration are key design details.

Style Analysis: sleeveless jacket
The sleeveless jacket is the most commonly used silhouette of fur, mostly long in the collarless. Fendi’s large lapel silhouette of this style is combined with the knee length.

Style Analysis: Short Sleeve Jacket
Short-sleeved fur is combined with a truncated silhouette. This season’s material stitching, color stitching are particularly outstanding.

Style analysis: fur jacket
Combine fur with casual jacket silhouette, print, positive and negative composite, color stitching, material stitching and other details to make it more lively.

Style analysis: cloak jacket
The cloak fur jacket is mostly leather composite in this season. The style is comfortable and playful. Fendi’s front and rear asymmetrical shawl style is more luxurious.

Style analysis: hooded coat
This season’s hooded fur coat style is more casual. Mr&Mrs is especially popular in this coat which stitch fur inside.

Style analysis: lapel coat
The lapels fur coat style will be combined with more decorative details such as prints, color stitching, shearing patterns, belts and more.

Style analysis: Straight coat
Most of the fur coats are straight H-shaped silhouettes. This season, Fendi is the representative, and the design techniques such as color stitching, detachable swing, and pocket leather decoration are various.

Style analysis: belted coat
Belted fur coats, including fur belts and leather belts, are used in not only the styles from short to long-to-knee but also the Silhouettes from sleeveless to long sleeve.

Pattern analysis: Gradient smudge
Gradient smudge is the key pattern of this season’s fur items, include not only the traditional grass frosting, but also the stripes gradient, abstract smudge and other patterns.

Pattern analysis: Pattern collection
Pattern decoration has become the key design point of fur. This season, there are mainly animal prints, stripes, cartoons, abstract lines and so on.

Detail analysis: edge decoration
The edge position of the fur coat is the design focus. This season, there are edge material stitching, leather tassel, feather, curved shape, top knitting and other techniques.

Detailed analysis: front and back composite stitching
Composite splicing design with leather, suede and other materials can achieve the effect of front and back wear, such a coat is practical and atmospheric.

Detail analysis: material stitching
Fur and large area woolen, knitting and other materials splicing, become the key design direction of this season’s fur products, Fendi this fur and wool gradient craft are novel and personalized.

Detailed analysis: fur embellishment
The partial fur embellishment is also the key method of using the fur material. Most of them are decorated at the edge of the collar and cuffs, and most of them are combined with printing and dyeing techniques.

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