Fashion Fur Analysis

2017 spring CHIC exhibition women’s category analysis – fur

Craft details: partial stitching with fur
The use of partial stitching with fur can be described as one of the more important elements in design, and the form of stitching is diverse. The large number of fur sleeves make the dress create an unprecedented sense of avant-garde.

Craft details: fur knit stitching
The use of fur stitching is not only the usual neckline and cuffs, but also the distinctive stitching position of this autumn and winter is the front chest and sleeves. The practical stitching method of fur and knitting will make you warmer in this winter!

Craft details: special craft
In addition to the most basic design method of stitching, it also incorporates craft details such as seaming, embedded zipper and flat needle. The special craftsmanship gives the fur a diversified look, and the texture re-engineering process is presented perfectly.

Special fabric: irregular flocking
Irregular flocked leather fabric is like moss, novel and chic, showing exquisite and mature craftsmanship details

Color: Land color
The combination of beige, light brown, khaki and other land colors makes the fur full of spirituality and presents a unique charm.

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