Fashion Fur Analysis

2018 spring and summer women’s fur street shooting analysis–match guide

Whether it’s a street-inspired leather jacket or a basic leather jacket and a casual windbreaker, it’s enough to catch the eye with a basic dress or a dress with some small details or trousers with a pair of mid-length boots. The leather jacket can also mix and match with some small pieces. Then let’s take a look at how the street wearers use leather jackets to wear them.

Street collocation
This street-feeling leather jacket is first enough to attract attention in the details. Whether it’s a back print or an arm embroidery or a badge appliqué, wearing this type of leather with a basic jeans or a jump skirt is enough to make you a street fashionista.

Matching guide

Motorcycle jacket with skirt
The feeling of basic styles matching different materials or styles dresses are different. Matching floral dresses are enough to give an elegant French style. Matching light green dress and a sunglasses is very cool.

Matching guide

knee-length windbreaker
The silhouette is large, the length is knee-length, and this type of windbreaker is also popular among street people.

Matching guide

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