Fashion Fur Analysis

2019 spring and summer women’s fur ordering single product analysis – leather jacket

Key silhouette – simple box type
Box jackets have always been a classic of fashion. The short and sleek style combined with the bright interior, showing a new aesthetic height, the silhouette reflects the handsome and strength. In addition, the details of this season have become more diverse.

Key silhouette – motorcycle jacket
The delicate leather has a variety of changes. The colored leather and the classic black combine with metal decorations reflects the exquisiteness and handsomeness of the motorcycle jacket from different angles.

Key silhouette – truncated jacket
Normal length sleeve and the body truncated above the navel form the overall. It seem both sexy and full of personality. Exposing the navel shows the female beautiful body.

Key silhouette – baseball jacket
The popularity of baseball jackets has always been high, especially for hipsters, it is a must-have item. This season’s baseball jackets are more focused on fabrics and decorations. Glossy leather fabric jackets are popular this season. In decoration, the elements such as rivets and zipper are used as highlights.

Key details – special pockets
More and more brands are racking their brains in the design of the pockets. This season’s ordering conference can see the changes in the pocket details of this season from many brands. The shape is also very strange and quite novel.

Key details – tassel
The tassels are not only belonging to the edge decoration, but also appear in the coat body, highlighting the layering of the single product, but also have a decorative effect.

Key pattern – back image
The pattern of leather items is mainly based on the back image. This season’s pattern is not just an offset image, but it incorporates more craftsmanship to create special images. Such as sequin decorative patterns, embroidered decorative patterns and foamed printed patterns make the image more abundant. It also makes the image more vivid and three-dimensional.

Key pattern—letter
The letter is not only a single expression in the leather, but also combined with the fun pattern or color to form an integration. The rich color and rich pattern decoration in the single product make the letter more interesting.

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