Fashion Fur Analysis

17/18 autumn and winter fur single product trend verification 2

Fur trend verification
The coat Embellished by the fur sleeve seem soft and warm. The warm land color fur coat are easily caught in sight on the street. And parkas is one of hot items sought after by the stars in winter.

Style: fur sleeves
Many styles in winter can be used for splicing of fur sleeves. This kind of decoration not only keeps warm but also improves the grade of the whole style.

Style: land color
In the cold winter, no more warmer than the land color coat looks. The fur styles such as long fur, short fur, and fur one can all be seen in land colors.

Style: parkas
In winter, you need a jacket that is both warm and beautiful. The most suitable natural thing to choose is the Parkas. This season’s long coats with long fur linings, or stitched with leather are popular.

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