Fashion Fur Analysis

18/19 autumn and winter fur single product trend forecast – Parkas

Denim jacket
Compared to the traditional heavy Parkas, the denim jacket is more handsome and suitable for wearing in the transition between autumn and winter.

Pilot jacket
The backs are adorned with intricate embroidery and weaving, and the fur using contrast color are spliced in the collar or inside, so that the jacket can keep warm while maintaining the style.

The ankle-length Parkas is becoming more and more the mainstream coat this season. It is very handsome to wear it, but not everyone can fit it. Fortunately, the medium and long length coats bring benefits to the general height. Workwear-style pockets, waist or sleeve embroidery, webbing details, wearing it can be a beautiful landscape in the fall.

Casual workwear
Throwing away the stereotype of traditional workwear, the current can be definitely used in street mashups. Symmetrical embroidery, feathered backs, or lace composite stitching, all create a perfect match with casual skirts.

Colored fur
If the surface of the clothes does not have much decoration, then you can think more about the inside of the clothes. Cutting different colors of fur into diamonds or blocks can form a new inside.

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