Fashion Fur Analysis

19/20 autumn and winter women’s Parkas pattern craft trend – trendy pattern

In this ever-changing era, pattern diversity sets off a new wave in the market. The abstract patterns exhibited by various brands in various forms are used as fashion elements to parkas. Different patterns can form different styles and express individual fashion attitudes.

The design of the back has received much attention in recent years. This season, some Chinese style patterns are recommended. Such as dragons, tigers, cranes and some embroidery patterns with ethnic customs. The use of such patterns in parkas is also welcome. In addition, the trend of Chinese style has also received much attention in recent years. Therefore, this type of pattern is worth learning this season.

Abstract avatar
This abstract avatar will be popular in the autumn of 19/20. Bright colors add a strong visual experience.

Plant pattern
The flower plays a changing role in the pattern. It can be elegant and romantic, and it can also be cool. This season, it adopts the design method of combining three-dimensional flower and hot drilling bead. It has a sense of design and layering.

Camouflage patterns are classic elements that stand out in the fashion world. Some very novel camouflage patterns have appeared this season. The change in camouflage patterns has strengthened its position in the fashion world.

Chinese ink painting
Black and white or light-colored ink paintings are used in parkas , full of design and fashion personality.

Two-dimensional world
Put on a piece with a two-dimensional world pattern, it looks stylish and young. The fancy avant-garde print can immediately catch everyone’s attention.

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