Fashion Fur Analysis

19/20 autumn and winter women’s full fur pattern craft trend – fun dye printing

Whether it’s a market-like faux fur or a high-grade fur coat, fur is the key to wintering, and designers give it different new ideas every year. Interesting dyeing prints, three-dimensional parquet, or the use of materials to create new patterns of experience, to express today’s fur coat is no longer a high-consumption middle-aged group, young people can also control.

Fun dye printing
Dyeing prints become the gospel of faux fur coats, freeing the high cost and complexity of fur intarsia, and the fun patterns bring a rich artistic feel.

The essay graffiti with irregular lines and irregular colors, the expression of multiple colors reflects the artistic sense of the pioneer.

Three-dimensional intarsia
The three-dimensional intarsia made of fur, with delicate animal patterns or girl-style patterns, reflects the layering of the fur.

Fun decoration
In addition to hand-beaded beads, fun patch embroidered, sequins, the decorative forms on the fur are also endless.

Contrast plaid
The plaid continues to be popular this season, and designers have incorporated a variety of colors into the enduring print theme. This season emphasizes the plaid print with a natural brush touch like Marni.

Long and short fur splicing
The splicing of long and short hair mainly utilizes the characteristics of the fur of different varieties to make the layering of the material produced by the splicing treatment, and enriches the design highlights of the style, which is a simple and easy-to-apply craft.

The bow is a decorative detail in the girly style, and the expression in the fur is also more diverse.

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