Fashion Fur Analysis

19/20 autumn and winter women’s fur silhouette trend prediction – down fur

As the main product of winter, down jackets have become more and more diverse in style in recent years. This time, the emphasis is on the diversification effect combining leather & fur materials.

Fur and down stitching
The fur-integrated jacket is spliced with quilted design, or the combination of down and fur is visually rich and comfortable, and it is better able to withstand the cold.

Fur decoration in large area
Adding a fur decoration to the body of the down jacket gives a warm feeling while producing a rich material contrast.

Diamond cut fur decoration
The fur decoration on the basic silhouette of the down jacket is cut into a diamond shape to create a special effect, whose look is a fur while actually it is a down jacket.

Leather down
The matte texture of the leather is a good substitute for the Nylon fabric, and it can produce a high-grade texture with any style.

Reflective metal texture
This season, the reflective metal texture fabric that exudes the sense of future technology is the main material of this season. The design of quilting and splicing makes the fabric look diversified.

Printed nylon
Rich fun prints, text prints, graffiti prints, become the emerging choice of nylon fabric printing, suitable for young fashion styles.

Expansion body
The partial enlargement design makes the down jacket unique, and the large sleeve design gives a heavy warm feeling.

Loose silhouette
The unconstrained large silhouette is a super-versatile and practical style. This season, it blends lace and knit material stitching, as well as the design details of the webbing to create avant-garde fashion.

Elastic waistband
The design of the waist shape is especially important in the business down, and it is decorated with an elastic waistband to make the whole body more contoured and curved, and has a modified body shape. Adding the fur decoration to the details, the overall effect is stable and generous, while keeping the high-grade texture.

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