Fashion Fur Analysis

19/20 autumn and winter women’s fur trend forecast – front chest decoration

What are the effects of knotting, kinking, wrinkling, etc. in leather & fur? Including the decorative design of hardware buckles, drawstrings, etc., not only gives the functionality of the apparel but also enhances the overall texture and excellent craft quality of the leather garments.

Knotting emphasizes the shaping of the three-dimensional, and the characteristics of the leather material have an advantage for the knotted design.

kinking & wrinkling
The simple and elegant kink design is applied in leather clothing to give a sense of exquisite atmosphere; the undulating fabric exudes a natural luster.

Hardware buckle
The hardware buckle is derived from the details of life. The leather fabric with luster has a better contrast effect on the metal buckle. The functional hardware buckle decoration enhances the overall texture and excellent craft quality of the leather garment.

Drawstring design can be applied to the collar, chest, waist, sleeves to enrich the design of the details. If you use the color of the contrast, it will give off a high-end sense of movement, which is more beautiful and warmer.

Geometric pattern
A geometrically printed pattern with a tribal style, decorated with a thick needle hook line to decorate the edges of the suede jacket, or a combination of color blocks to add original charm to the costume itself.

The tassel element is a representative element of the nomadic style, cut into a fringed suede tassel, and presents a variety of expressions in different colors on both sides.

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