Fashion Fur Analysis

19/20 autumn and winter women’s fur trend forecast – texture comparison

With the adulthood of the millennial generation, the trend of younger guests has become the leading representative of consumption, the traditional fur costumes can not be satisfied with the current young people; In order to meet the fashion attitude of young people’s individuality, the fur industry has also set off a new wave of fashion. The ready-to-wear fabrics are slowly incorporated into the fur garments, becoming a new fabric carrier to create a new generation of fur garments.

Fur-wool stitching
This season’s fur-wool stitching coats can be described as popular; the stitching in collar, body and pockets highlights the warmth of winter.

Wool down
The combination of down and wool is a new trend. The splicing or compounding of the wool and the down can produce a new texture contrast effect.

Tannin fur stitching
Washed tannin fabrics come back with the retro tide, whether it is the rainbow fur decoration or the truck driver jacket with the lambskin, its warmth reveals the feeling of casual and rough.

Fur plaid stitching
Combine the fur material with the plaid to reflect the retro style.

Fur woven mix
The warm wool and windbreaker fabrics, leather materials and other woven materials are spliced, and the collision of large-area color blocks seems to be chaotic but orderly actually, resulting in rich texture contrast.

Fur integrated
The fur-integrated and fur-combined jacket of the lambskin has a plush texture on the structural dividing line and contrasts with the leather material on the surface.

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