Fashion Fur Analysis

19/20 autumn and winter women’s fur craft trend forecast–fur stitching art

In order to make the fur costumes continuously charming, designers can be said to make every effort, dyeing and craftsmanship are the ways they often innovate. The combination of different colors and different cutting craftsmanship allows the fur to produce a novel appearance while maintaining warmth.

Checkerboard grid
Using two different colors of fur, the grid is arranged on one side of the leather board, and the fur strips and fur blocks are stitched along these lines in the later stage, and the color contrast can be used to make the effect more colorful. This is the traditional mesh stitching process. The checkerboard is directly spliced with the same proportion of fur blocks.

Sawtooth texture is one of the most common techniques. Contrast colors can be used to highlight lively novelties. It can also be used with same fabrics but different colors , and the rich colors make the style more attractive.

Disordered color block stitching
It reflects a playful and lively personality by using ordered colors in disordered shape.

Mixed stitching fur
Use at least three different color skins, with 2~3 different kinds of fur, to form a color block for mixing and splicing. It creates a luxurious style of clothing, and makes a good use of small pieces of skin.

Linear stripe stitching
Linear stripe stitching creates a smooth line and gives the style a clean and elegant feel.

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